DaVang.org Vietnamese Chat Network - Instructions for setting up XCHAT to connect to DAVANG

Instructions for XCHAT to connect to Davang:

  1. Download XCHAT 2.8.6-2 (Just click, or right click and save target/link as ....)
  2. Click on the downloaded file to install. Once it is installed, start it and you will see the network list like below:


  3. Put in nick name (for example: fool), second choice (fool_ or fool2 or whatever), third choice (fool__ or fool3...), user name (fool) and real name (fool's secret admirer ;-) )


  4. Click Add to add a network, name it davang
  5. Click Edit, you'll see a new window for editing davang network


  6. Click Edit to change the line "newserver/6667" to "irc.davang.org/6667"
  7. choose "Use global user information" and "Auto connect to this network at startup"
  8. put in "Favorite channels" the rooms you want to join by default on startup(#davang, #trivia, #vietchat ...) and the nickserv password to identify your registered nick if neccessary. Final result will look similar to this screenshot below:


  9. Click Close, Connect, and start ba8'ing :D

Instructions for setting up mirc is HERE .

Instructions for setting up xchat is HERE .